Sports Training

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This video has been embedded manually.
  • Gone to YouTube,
  • Located the video, and obtained the embed code
  • The embed code inserted to the page using the insert/embed code button (  ) in the editor's top line

We like to have a facility to avoid going to YouTube to embed videos

We want the following workflow for inserting videos from YouTube
  • User log in to their own school website and edits a page
  • In the editor user clicks on (  ) icon to list their YouTube videos. Click on  icon to see this frame.
  • User selects a video or videos to embed to the page (Click on  button and clcik on some images listed to see how image insert works. We want a similar process for inserting YouTube videos)
ALSO, ideally, we want users to be able to upload videos to their YouTube channel
This should be done from another page, NOT on the editor.

We will do all the work in our site. PPH contractor will only provide the API interface
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